Excursions on Tuesday afternoon

On 23. September 2014 (Tuesday), you will have the chance to spend a free afternoon in the town or the surroundings. You have the possibility to join to one of our organized excursions. You can directly reserve your place during the registration process or later via email:


Important information: It is possible to apply for an excursion on the spot, but the only way of payment is cash.


1.       Excursion to Esztergom


We offer a tour to the most beautiful city of Danube Bend, to Esztergom. We will approach the city from Nagybörzsöny through Slovakia, across the Danube bridge.  Esztergom is the capital of the Catholic Church, the center of the Catholic Bishop. We visit the largest cathedral of Hungary (also burial place of cardinals of Hungary).In the inner city we will visit the Christian Museum. The tour will be led by an English guide.


Departure: 14.00  Arrival: 19.00


Price: 34,-EURO / person  (minimum number of participants: 15 persons)




2.       Excursion by Dinkey to Nagyirtáspuszta


The Dinkey (small locomotive) railroad line of Nagybörzsöny has a unique  mountain line with 200 meters level difference. It is curving 8 kilometers long from Nagybörzsöny to Nagyirtás. After arriving to Nagyirtás we will walk a little bit to admire the panoramic view of Börzsöny. Arriving back we will enjoy a glass of local wine or refreshment.


Departure: 14:30  Arrival: 17.30


Price: 12,-EURO / person (minimum number of participants: 15 persons)




3.       Walking in Nagybörzsöny


We will visit the beautiful monuments of the village, with English / German guidance: village house, watermill, mining museum, Lutheran church. We will have the opportunity to look inside the history and the culture of the village and the region. During the tour we could buy some local gastronomical products as well. After the walk we can have a rest at a wine cellar, with a glass of wine or refreshment drink.


Departure: 14:00    Arrival: 17:00


Price: 10,-EURO / person (minimum number of participants: 15 persons)




4.       Guided walking tour in the forest of  Nagybörzsöny


Nagybörzsöny village is situated in west side of the picturesque Börzsöny Mountains.
For those who like walking in forests we offer this guided tour in the surrounding of Nagybörzsöny village.


Departure: 14:00   Arrival: 18.00


Price: 3,-EURO / person (minimum number of participants: 15 persons)