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About Nagybörzsöny

Nagybörzsöny is a small village in the Börzsöny Mountains. It is the westernmost member of the North Hungarian Mountains.In the vicinity we can find the National Park of Duna-Ipoly, and the Börzsöny-creek, which flows through the village.The varied landscape offers good hiking opportunities.

Please click on the picture to see the detailed map of the village.


Travelling information

How to get to the village of Nagybörzsöny?


~ by car


Travelling from Pest side of Budapest

From the Pest side of Budapest head northwest and take the route M3.
Take exit 13 to merge onto M0 toward E77/Szlovákia
Take exit 71 to merge onto E77/M2 toward Hont/Vác/Dunakeszi
Take the route Nr. 2 toward Szob/Vác/Tahitótfalu Rév and travel straight ahead to Nagybörzsöny.


Travelling from Buda side of Budapest, across Slovakia

From the Buda side of Budapest head northwest and take the route Nr. 10
Turn right onto Route 117.
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Dorogi út / Route 111.
Continue to follow Route 111, toward Márie Valérie Bridge.
After entering Slovakia, continue to follow Ostrihomská cesta/Route 63
Turn right onto Kamenická cesta / Route 564
Turn slight right toward Diófa u. You are going to enteg Hungary.
The second village will be your destination point, Nagybörzsöny


~ by public transportation

The easiest way to reach the destination is to take the railway from Station Nyugati pu. toward the direction of Vác-Szob. After taking off the train in Szob, you should continue your way by bus to Nagybörzsöny.

For further information please visit directly the website of the required trasportation vehicle:

Budapest Airport (Liszt Ferenc Airport)

Hungarian Railway (MÁV)

Domestic Bus Line (VOLÁN)

Budapest Public Transportation (BKV)


~ organised transfer bus

You have the possibility to book your conference transfer from Budapest to the conference venue in Nagybörzsöny.

Pick-up will be available from different points of the city.

Transfer can be reserved during the online registration. Please log in and fulfill the online registration form.


If you would need transfer with individual parameters, please contact us:



Transfer schedule:


Date of arrival:                 21st of September, 2014


Transfer to Nagybörzsöny

Pick up time


from Liszt Ferenc Airport Budapest


 40 € / person / way

from Railway Station  Keleti pu.


 40 € / person / way

from Railway Station Nyugati pu.


40 € / person / way

from Railway Station Déli pu.


 40 € / person / way










Date of departure:         25st of September, 2014

Time of departure:        13:30 (from Malomkert Panzió)


Transfer from Nagybörzsöny

Time of arrival


to Liszt Ferenc Airport Budapest


 40 € / person / way

to Railway Station  Déli pu.


 40 € / person / way

to Railway Station Nyugati pu.


40 € / person / way

to Railway Station Keleti pu.


 40 € / person / way







General information


The official currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Most foreign currencies can be converted in banks, hotels or exchange offices. International credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops.

1 EURO = 310,-HUF (January 2014). For current exchange rates, please visit the official site of the Hungarian Bank:



The organiser does not accept responsibility for individual medical, travel or personal insurance. Participants are advised to take out their own personal insurance policies.



The official language of the congress is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.


Passport and visa
A valid passport or identity card is required for all participants. Visas may be required for some countries. For specific information, please contact the nearest Hungarian embassy at least six weeks before your departure to Hungary.